Assessment of Angler Use and Catch During 2018 at Sutherland Reservoir, Nebraska

Recreational fishing provides many socioeconomic and ecological benefits. These benefits are derived in many different forms that can lead to an increased quality of life and income generated across many different spatial scales. This importance has led to increased demands on these fisheries, often causing overexploitation, selective harvest, sub–lethal effects, and disturbance or harvest during critical reproductive periods. Consequently, there is a need to better understand social–ecological relationships and impacts between humans and fish populations.


The purpose of this study is to estimate angler use and catch at Sutherland Reservoir, Nebraska, from April through October 2018. Specifically, we obtained monthly estimates of angler pressure, catch, and harvest. This information will allow the Nebraska Public Power District to evaluate angler use and influence of the fishery at Sutherland Reservoir. Collected data could also be used to guide management efforts between optimizing hydropower and maintaining a quality fishery at this multi–use reservoir.

Sutherland Reservoir
Sutherland Reservoir
Principal Investigator(s)
-Kevin L. Pope
-Mark A. Kaemingk
-Christopher J. Chizinski

Project Duration
March 2018- January 2019

-Nebraska Public Power District

Project Location
Sutherland Reservoir, Nebraska