Bat Conservation and Recovery in Nebraska and Wyoming

There are mounting concerns for North American bats due to continuing and emerging threats from disease, habitat loss, fragmentation and wind energy development. These threats are likely to increase in severity, but there is an opportunity to improve our knowledge of bat occurrence and habitat use, to learn how landscape changes impact local bat populations, and to establish regional monitoring that can inform local and national resource management decisions. Data collection on this new project includes a large component of citizen science, with local volunteers helping collect data across these states.


The Nebraska Cooperative Research Unit is collaborating with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, and state and federal natural resource managers in the Midwest; this collaboration is focused on developing a strategic approach to bat conservation across Wyoming and Nebraska by monitoring impacts, and by providing decision makers with decision-support tools and a conservation plan.
Acoustic detector by the Missouri River, Nebraska. Photo: Zac Warren
Acoustic detector by the Missouri River, Nebraska. Photo: Zac Warren
Principal Investigator(s)
-Dirac Twidwell
-Kevin L. Pope

Project Coordinator(s)
Baxter Seguin

Project Duration
May 2019 - May 2022

-Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

Project Location
Statewide Nebraska and Wymoing