Evaluation of Landowner Incentives Program (LIP)

The size of the Landowner Incentive Programs and Partnerships in terms of funding, cooperation and stakeholder involvement requires an assessment of program success. Such an assessment should be an adaptive process that will continue throughout the implementation of the program.  During this early stage of the Landowner Incentives Program, the assessment needs to proceed on two fronts: landowner involvement and the response of species at risk.


This research project focuses on the response of species at risk. Assessment has focused on elements that are likely to respond rapidly, such as vegetation structure (which are directly manipulated in the LIP), insect communities (which have short generation times), and bird communities (which respond to vegetative structure).

Current Status

This project is complete with results compiled into a master's thesis.

Western Meadowlark (USFWS)
Western Meadowlark (USFWS)
Principal Investigator(s)
-Craig R. Allen, NE CFWRU

Graduate Student(s)
-Beth Forbus (MS 2007)

Project Coordinator(s)
Meghan Halabisky, Ryan Rezac, Chad Brock, Lizette Peters

-The U.S. Geological Survey, and the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission Landowner Incentives Program (LIP)