Dr. Allen's research focuses upon the interactions among species and landscapes. This includes:

  1. The interaction among non-indigenous species, declining species and landscape change,
  2. Spatial patterns of species diversity and differences between the patterns observed in different taxa,
  3. The spatial context of negative interactions between invasive and native species, and
  4. Cross-scale structure in animal communities.
Book Cover: Discontinuities in Ecosystems


Dr. Fontaine's research focuses on examining ecological and evolutionary sources of variation in life history expression. This includes:

  1. Examining the conditions and cues that influence habitat decisions and the role of habitat decisions in the evolution and continuing stability of natural systems,
  2. Exploring how reproductive strategies vary both within and among species, and the causal relationships between sources of selection and the expression of reproductive traits,
  3. Examining the underlying physiological mechanisms mediating trait expression, and
  4. Examining how human induced changes to natural systems alter selective pressures acting on individuals and lead to changes in populations and communities.
Cordilleran Flycatcher (Courtesy Joseph Fontaine)


Dr. Pope's research focuses on complexity of fisheries management. This includes understanding:

  1. Influences of sampling approaches on ecological data,
  2. Complex and dynamic network topology among recreational anglers and fishing opportunities, and
  3. Social and ecological outcomes and consequences of management actions.
Telemetry Surgery on Fish