Information for Personnel and Students



  • Travel Voucher (travel expenses)- Complete in Concur
  • Non-Travel Voucher (non-travel expenses)- Complete in Concur
  • Pre-Trip Travel Authorization- Complete in Concur
  • Blanket TA-  Complete annually in Concur for fiscal year July 1- June 30. Concur Help Resources

Non-Employee Expenses:



All volunteers are required to complete and sign both forms. They also must complete and turn in a time sheet. (Per federal and UNL policy)

Fundamental Science Practices:

New Hires:




Contact Environmental Health and Safety, 472-4925, for assistance in shipping dangerous goods.


Training for NE Coop Unit staff and students is required by both US DOI and UNL. Copies of training certifications must be given to your supervisor, Caryl or Wilma.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Training (EHS)

UNL courses required for all UNL staff and faculty can be found at

Required for everyone:
1. Core-Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP) and
2. Core- Emergency Preparedness Training

Those who will be working in a lab are required to take the following lab courses:
1. Chemical Safety (4 modules)

US Department of the Interior Training

US DOI requires that all staff and students working for a Cooperative Research Unit complete the following training through DOI Talent. New users will need to request a user name and password. Follow instructions in the policy manual for completing the required courses:

Required for everyone:
1. Safety: DOI Safety and Occupational Health Overview (course code: 1342) (duration: 30 min)
2. Safety: Authorities, Roles, and Responsibilities (course code: 1338) (duration: 2 hr)
3. Safety: USGS Safety and Occupational Health Program Overview (course code: 1315) (duration: 1 hr 30 min)
4. Safety: USGS Safety Program Requirements (course code: 1300) (duration: 1 hr)

Required for those in the field and/or in lab:
Safety: USGS Industrial Hygiene Program (course code: 1304) (duration: 1 hr)

Required for those driving:

1. National Safety Council Defensive Driving 9 (online) See supervisor for registration details.
2. Submit annually- USGS motor vehicle Operators Certification.

In Addition:

Required for everyone (unless exempted by your supervisor):
1. CPR/ AED (Must be classroom training)
2. First Aid (Must be classroom training)

Those who have a key to PFD are required to take the following courses:
1. UNL EHS- Portable Ladder Safety, 45 minutes
2. DOI-Safety: Hand and Portable Powered Tools