Joseph (TJ) Fontaine, Ph.D.

TJ conducting field work in Tanzania.
TJ conducting field work in Tanzania.

Joseph (TJ) Fontaine, Ph.D. Assistant Unit Leader

TJ received his Ph.D. (2006) and B.S. (1997) in Wildlife and Fisheries from the University of Montana. Before joining the Nebraska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit in early 2009, he held a joint post-doc position at the USGS Sonoran Desert Research Station and the School of Natural Resources at the University of Arizona studying the evolution and maintenance of avian migration behaviors in human altered landscapes.

Broadly, TJ is interested in wildlife conservation and evolutionary ecology, but his passion is understanding variation in life history strategies, both within and among species. His dissertation research concentrated on the influence of juvenile mortality on the expression of reproductive strategies, but recently he has been examining how vegetative phenology, food availability, competition, and predation risk interact with individual condition to influence stopover site selection and subsequent behaviors in migratory birds.

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