Making Adaptive Management Meaningful:Translating Science Learning into Policy Decision-Making

Chad Smith continues his research into the application of adaptive management at large scales and the link between governance structure and the successful implementation of adaptive management.

Smith is investigating major Bureau of Reclamation river recovery programs and his research includes: 1) literature review of adaptive management and adaptive governance; 2) how the river recovery programs define and implement adaptive management; 3) a comparison of different program governance structures; and 4) the aspects of governance and program management that relate to and predict successful implementation of adaptive management. Smith is applying learning from his research in the real world, serving as Adaptive Management Plan implementation coordinator for the Platte River Recovery Implementation Program. He was also co-lead of a small team that wrote an Adaptive Management Plan for the Middle Rio Grande Endangered Species Collaborative Program and has provided expert advice on adaptive management to programs on the Trinity River, Missouri River, and the Everglades.

Principal Investigator(s)
-Craig R. Allen, NE CFWRU
-Kyle Hoagland, University of Nebraska- Lincoln
Graduate Student(s)
-Chad Smith
Project Duration
July 2007-
-No external funding
Project Location
Great Plains and Western U.S.