2022 - 2023

Annual Report

Turkey project in western Nebraska

The Cooperative Research Units Program is a unique collaborative relationship among federal and state agencies, universities, and a non-profit organization.

The tripartite mission of the Cooperative Research Units Program is:

  1. Train graduate students for professional careers in natural-resource research and management.
  2. Conduct research that will create new information useful for natural-resource management.
  3. Provide technical assistance on application and integration of new science.

The Nebraska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit embraces the mission of the Cooperative Research Units Program and contributes daily to the overall success of the Cooperative Research Units Program.

Featured Student

Our students are involved in a wide variety of research, including diversity in ecological functions, invasive species, and habitats of various animals.

Jenna Ruoss

Ph.D. Candidate, Fisheries

Jenna Ruoss

Featured Research Project

Development of a Molecular Approach to Age Pacific Walruses: A Novel Application of Epigenetic Aging for Close-kin Mark-recapture

We are developing an approach to age walruses based on epigenetic signatures, which only requires DNA from sampled individuals. We have identified potential age-related epigenetic markers in walrus by whole methyl DNA sequencing samples derived from calves (0 year old) and adults (≥6 years old) with museum specimens of known age based on tooth cementum annuli analyses.

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Pacific walrus on ice floe in Chukchi Sea, Alaska